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either a ($300) Star alloy PD .45, if u want more power in your ccw pc, or a the much larger, heavier, old steelframed Star .45 ($150) if you hunt, and you have the necessary handgun bases covered pretty well. The compact, fairly light (28 oz) 9mm BM lets you practice cheaply. The 25 oz PD is a superb carry gun, if you load it with CorBon PowrBall ammo. Deepen the chamber of the .45 to take the 460 Rowland, and you can drive hollowbased 90 gr swc's to 2100 fps, for taking big game.

If you want a pocket pistol with more poop, flatter to carry, more controlabilty than a .38 snub, the locked Breech Star ($250) 380 Pony, with good reloads, is a fine choice. It will get the 85 gr Winchester Silvertip 380 jhp to nearly 1300 fps, if it's loaded properly, which is 300+ ft lbs, and you get real expansion of the jhp, unlike the reality of using plus p 158 gr lhp's in the .38 snub. They get 800 fps, expand little, if at all in flesh, and only have 250 ft lbs. They tend to overpenetrate and waste some of that power, too.
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