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I keep thinking this site is really off to a slow start, but when I look at the stats on the TopGunSites page:

ArmsLocker TopGunSites Stats

I see that this site is doing better and getting more daily hits than MOST of the sites listed on FaunaTopSites. And this site has only been up for less than 3 weeks! Many of those sites have been listed there for a year or so. Maybe longer, I can't remember when I set that up.

So heck, I guess we aren't doing all that bad here, considering...

I do wish I could get some more people interested in signing on to the TopGunSites, however. I'm a little worried about being pegged as a SPAMMER by sending out a bunch of invitations. I did send out a handful, but I do know what the limits to courtesy would be for something like this.
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