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Here's a close-up of the Norlund hatchet in my backpacking gear photo with my oldest boys MKII for scale.

Rostov, I'm intrested in what you come up with for a belt sheath, I've never really liked to carry a hatchet on my belt since most of the time I'm carrying at least a day pack. I usually attach my hatchet to the outside of the pack. The ALICE bars work good, with ALICE clips fit to the hatchet sheath, such as on my Eastwing's or in the ski and ski pole tunnel under the outside pockets. The ski tunnel is a good carry that keeps the handle from snagging and the hatchet out where it's handy.

I also attached a sheath to the back of an old M3 greasegun, over the shoulder, mag pouch, they are about a foot long and hold six mags with no divider and have a wide shoulder strap. I got the idea from seeing a mountain mans "possiable" bag set up like that with a tommahawk, in the museum at Cody, WY. It's pretty handy if you aren't carrying a pack.

Gotta love them hatchets :)



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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