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stupes "think" I mean darkness, AND

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thick cover, at the same time. No, stupes, what I SAID was, "darkness OR thick cover". You dont NEED darkness to protect you from long range riflemen, if you have thickly wooded hills. So you can certainly forage, etc in such terrain, in daylight. In open country tho, only a moron like garnad would be out and about in daylight, easily spotted at half a mile with the naked eye, at a mile or more with binocs or a rifle scope. After that, it's just a question of watching what he does or where he goes, planning the stalk or the ambush, and finishing him off.
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stupes try to forage alone in the daytime can't see 360 degrees. Can't watch their back while they look for food or water or cover their tracks. Stupes like that still get caught or die. Those stupes don't know how to read maps or use compass so they end up on ground without water or in swamps or mosquito infested areas. Don't take long for the locals to find the stupes dried bones and a rusty CAR and can.
Some people actually live in thick forested areas and know what tricks to use to actually see movement a good distance in them.

Not real long range but farther than the average know it all schmuck will.

So I'll ask you if you know how. Well do you schmuck?

You might know it because I posted it once on PN or maybe LF, IIRC.

And it's nearly effortless to do so you should remember it.:D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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