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What is the most logical arrangement of subforums for HANDGUNS?

  • (1) Manufacturer, then type of handgun

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • (2) Type of handgun, then manufacturer

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • (3) NOTA, see text in message

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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OK, I feel like playing around with the structure here, just to see how it will look and whether it is workable or not. It may not be permanent, but any messages that get placed in them will get moved to an appropriate place if I decide to mix things up in another direction.

But here's a question for you about what is the most logical arrangement:

Suppose I want to break down the HANDGUNS section into subcategories. What is the most logial to YOU about how to do that:

(1) By manufacturer, (ie: Colt, Smith & Wesson, Glock, etc.), then further break that down by type of handgun (ie: Revolver or Semi-Auto).


(2) By type of handgun, (ie: Revolver or Semi-Auto) then subcategorize that by manufacturer (ie: Colt, Smith & Wesson, Glock, etc.).

I can see it going either way, but I don't want to assume my logic is everyone's logic.

What seems to YOU to be the most intuitive arrangement?

Or is there another way that I am overlooking?


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I wouldn't break it down by manufacturer at all. Too many categories / sub-categories, folks get lost or bored just looking everything over.

I would break it down this way:

1. Single Action Revolvers.
2. Double Action Revolvers.
3. Auto Handguns
4. Rimfire Handguns
5 (Maybe) Concealed Carry

Keep it fairly simple and uncluttered.


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As I initially mentioned, this would just be an experimental play thing for me. I haven't fully explored all of the nested forum/subforum capabilities of this message board and just want to see how things will look.

I think many people are pretty narrow in their interests, so likely once they find a particular forum of interest, they will bookmark directly there anyway. I've been noticing many of the other gun related forum sites out there, and lots of them are specific to a particular manufacturer or style of gun, then apparently branched off a little bit as users started requesting it.

My original thought with this site was to just have it specific to what I liked and to heck with everyone else.... :D But I relented and added in a few things that I personally have no interest in whatsoever, and will probably never even visit those forums myself.

Right now there aren't a whole lot of people to offend here or worry about them getting lost, so I can play a bit just to see what things will look like afterwards. I don't have to keep it that way if I don't like it or you few here threaten to stone me over it.


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Take a look at what I did in the Handguns forum. I put in multi layers of subforums, but they are not visibile until you peel back the next lowest level.

Plus you can post messages at any level you want to.

In other words, you can post a message in the general Handguns forum, OR under the Colt forum, OR under the Revolver forum, OR under the Python forum. This method doesn't REQUIRE a person to drill down to a particular level unless they want to.

And actually unless someone goes looking for those subforums, they won't know they are there, which is both good and bad I suppose.

Not saying this is good or bad, but it presents some further options to someone wanting to post a message about something specific.

I decided to go with the breakdown by manufacturer rather than style of handgun, simply because it seems to me that half of the people interested in guns seem to have an interest in particular manufacturers. The other half seem to like particular STYLES of handguns. So I just tossed a coin..... It was really a case of six of one and half a dozen of another, and either way probably would have worked just as well.

Anyway, just something I am playing around with. It looks like I could set up an almost infinite number of levels in this style message board. I could then take the domain name, for instance,, and set it to point directly to the Colt level in the Handguns forum.

Hey, it's just the weird stuff that programmers DO, even if they are not actually programming! They like to see what other programmers did.

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Easy enough to use. Another example I thought of was something like:

A. 1911s
B. Other SA/non-1911s
C. Revolvers

Each of these could then expand by manufacturer. Just another option as long as your playing. :)

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I wish there was a way to tie forum links together to point to the same data.

In other words, handguns->colt->revolvers->pythons

and handguns->revolvers->colt->pythons

would both point to the same exact forum, just different ways to get there.
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