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subsonic 22lr still lethal, 150m, NO "crack"

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fired thru a suppressor. So it can hit 3-4 of you, 100m, before you know to take cover, and another 1-2 of you before you know WHICH side of trees, boulders, hill,etc IS cover, cause you won't know which direction the bullets are coming from. There you lay, 3-5 of your buddies screaming in pain, GOING to die of the infection, blood loss, inability to keep UP, (post shtf) and all you CAN do is eat dirt,PRAY for darkness, and either LISTEN to the howls and whimpers of the wounded,or put them out of their misery. :)
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Wonder what velocity/energy a subsonic .22lr has left at 100 & 150 yards...?

In my own informal test with Remington 38-grain subsonic hp, at 50 yards they penetrated a pine 2x4 and the 3/4" plywood behind it. (Told you it was informal...)

At 60 yards, they'd penetrate the 2x4's, and lodge IN the plywood, so even that additional 10 yards made a difference.

Don't know what it would have left at 100-150 yards. (But no, I wouldn't want to get shot with it, either.)

Absolutely right about the noise level of a suppressed, subsonic .22LR, though. Took a pigeon the other day at 55 yards (55 paces, anyway), and HEARD the bullet hit the bird. Bullet impact was the loudest part of the shot from my perspective; and when you consider that that sound came from over 50 yards away, and the gunshot was almost literally at my ear, that's impressive.

I like this thing a lot... :dgrin:
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