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subsonic 22lr, takes 3/4+ second, 180m

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so if you have a bipod, you can have TWO shots in the air, at different men, before the first "hittee" starts screaming. Before the guys can react, and get MOVING, #3 gets hit. Then a fast several shots could easily hit another as they scamble for cover, especially if you are ABOVE them, and then you hit 1-2 more as they try to figure out WHICH side of trees, rocks, etc constitute cover from you. So, yeah, you MIGHT get a subsonic bullet into 5(unarmored) guys, at 200 yds, and they'd still have no CLUE what to do about it. hitting 3 is virtually a certainty, too. That would REALLY hurt a group of 6 guys, might easily run off a group of 9 survivors, too. 50% casulties nearly always suffices to stop a given attack, and 25% casulties OFTEN does so. Killing 26 battle hardened vets, made 70 or so others surrender to York. killing 4, wounding 12 more sure ran off 80 M16 armed, RIFLE-ARMORED batfags, at waco.
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try it from prone. The crack comes from

the first solid object struck by the shock wave. There is no crack (near the shottist) when you fire from one lip of a canyon to the other.
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