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Are you in a city or state or county where they have outlawed guns?
are you in a city or state or county where they have outlawed the carrying of concealed weapons?
Are you a law abiding citizen?
Have you had a violent crime or ANY crime commited against you?

Well then, SUE SUE SUE.

Bring a civil suit against that city or county or state.

They passed the laws that took your right to defend yourself away.
After taking your right to defend yourself away from you, it became their responsibility to protect you from crime.
and if you had a crime commited against you, then they failed their responsibility to protect you.

They need to get sued for taking your defense away.
They need to get sued for subsequently failing to provide for your defense.


hear of the live by the sword..then die bby the sword?

They passed them laws, they should be sued to death through them laws.

The anti gunners will say, it is not the state's or the county's or the city's responsibility to provide a body guard for each citizen 24/7.
I say, well then let the citizens protect themselves.

I am waiting for the day a crime happens to me in an anti gun city, state or county. then i will SUE SUE SUE

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Don't know how well that would fly, but I would think that at the very least, such organizations as the Brady Bunch and other ilk could be sued for conspiracy to violate our constitutional rights. It would be real nice to have the anti-gunners on the defensive for a change rather then our side always having to REACT to their ACTIONS.
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