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Suppressor Baffle Material

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In a thread on the General Firearms forum I asked a question:
Why can't suppressor baffles be cast out of ceramic material if they wouldn't shatter?

GB, do you know of any ceramic that would be suitable? Do you know of any easily castable material that would work?

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RIKA, an inexpensive ceramic that could be used in this way is alumina, it's Al2O3, I think.

This raises an interesting point. Allow me to illustrate it with a question.

Why would you want to make the baffles out of ceramic?...

When the gas exits, it has two types of energy that the suppressor must reduce, kinetic energy (energy of motion) and thermal energy (heat). The gas's kinetic energy can be reduced by constricting the gas flow (big volume with a tiny hole for the bullet to pass through) and turbulence to increase entropy (swirl the gas just like a centrifugal bullet trap catches a bullet)

Baffles are by function supposed to remove energy from the gas. Baffles should impede the flow of the gas, as well as remove heat.

Yes, ceramic casts well and the baffles could be designed to be constructed from ceramic. Consider though that the same sized aluminum baffles could reduce the sound more than could ceramic, because of the Al baffles' better ability to soak up heat from the gas.

Don't forget the structural issue, either. For the ceramic baffles to take the violent rush of propellant gas, it may have to be much thicker than the aluminum, and therefore much heavier.
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I understand. Thank you.

Ok, hre's a question along similar lines. Say I want to have a supressor built and can have it dome legally; I know a guy that has the ATF licsencing to do so.

Now I want one that will set back a bit over the barrel. So what would the best thing to do right infront of the muzzle? Use large ports to vent as much gas in to the baffles via some type of expansion chamber or open baffles?

My basic goal is to have a supressor that will not ned much care in the field and be relatively effective. The KISS principal in design and assembly is something I intend to follow.

For sake of discussion it will fit on a 9mm with a 10"bbl, the barrel has the option of being conter bored and re-crowned if needed.

I will add some more details later. Oh yes this will be on a selective fire weapon.
TODD, what you have described sounds like some of the newer military suppressors. They telescope, or set back, over the barrel. These are popular for the fact that they don't increase the overall length like conventional designs. The telescoping design is also sturdier.

The ones that I have seen feature a large initial expansion chamber. Forward of the chamber are typically four or five baffles. The construction is usually stamped and welded steel. Stampings are more economical, yet can be just as strong as machinings and offer lower weight.
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