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What do you all use?
I got to thinking about it after I got a wake call that beyond 550cord and the items in my sewing/repair kits I don't have much left to fill the gap.
I did like to use what some people call trot/trout, limb and bank line. I probably left out a term or two.
But anyway I used the common white 110-120lb stuff for catfish. And then when I got more into survival/ bushcraft I snagged a roll or two of some I spied in the fishing gear section of a regular Walmart or K-Mart; yes it's been that long ago.🤪
But IIRC I still have that kicking around in some of my gear
However after watching a few YouTube channels I got to noticing the black colored"bank" line. So I thought some fresh supplies would be in order
Surprised that my last trip to a Wally World yielded this:
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