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Firestarting. A very necessary skill.
Not all SHTF situations (not even the majority) are of the end-of-the-world-you'll-die-as-soon-as-someone-knows-you're-there variety.

What about Glenn's car crash? Keeping injured people warm may make the difference between living and dying. If one person is able to trek out, the smoke will help lead rescuers.

Like it or not, if TEOTWAWKI happens, you're going to have to light a fire sooner or later. It might make you safe from people if you don't ever light one, but some other circumstance might make it more dangerous NOT to light one. Not to mention all the gee-whiz warmers (for food and body) aren't going to last forever. Any descision in SHTF scenario has the potential to get you killed, you just have to make a descision and hope it's the right one, nothing will make you 100% safe.

Shelter, already touched on can also be critical. best to have something with you to base expediant shelters on (poncho/tarp/tent). You should also have a means to build a more permanent shelter if it turns out that long-haul survival is necessary. Such things as axes, saws, hammers, etc can be useful. Unless you're a lone wolf, this kind of thing can be spread among the group, not everyone needs to have all of it.

Food. Traps, nets, trotlines will bring much needed protein. When possible, forage for plant food, and if it's a long haul thing, you'll need seeds, etc. just be sure to get non-hybrid seeds. They yeild less and smaller fruit, but the seeds garnered from teh harvest will sprout if planted. Beware most garden shops (ala Wal-Mart) sell hybrid seed, and your cheap seed is almost always hybrid.

Medical needs. Here's another big one. But one has to be smart. You simply can't take everything you'll need forever.

A lot of the stuff you'll really need for long term survival will add up to way too much weight for one person quickly. A lot of it also doesn't need to be had by every person of a group. A group can carry individual equipment and group equipment spread out among the members and have a lot of flexibility. The lone wolf doesn't have that advantage.
I would along those lines also add Interpersonal Skills to our list because teaming up with someone down the road who is knowledgeable of one or more of those would be a very good idea.
is important not only for getting together later, but before anything happens, so you can get off to a good start.
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