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swift finger-stab at the eyes will make him

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let go of your gun. Have the fingers bent a bit, to prevent breakage, do your pushups on fingertips, to build their strength, and shove them THRU his eyeballs, thru the(thin) bone of the occiptal sockets, and STIR his brains with them . He's trying to take your gun so that he can KILL you, so ANYTHING that you do to counter that is justifiable, and QUITE necessary.
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Sounds;I'm kinda prone to impact for close quarters;ie when he's in that kind of close range,slam him in the face with a head butt,stomp/kick shins,knees,feet....use your elbows,forearms,knees(heair or ear pulls set'em up nice for an elbow uppercut to the face)club/chop at his brachial/bicep areas,hammer his hands/fingers.Nothing fancy,just basically going caveman on him.Eyes?Always worth a shot,bit a lot of guys( at least in my circles) are protective of all of the "sqashables"(eyes,throat,'nads etc) The same for other obvious breakables,like over carelessly over extended limbs.Hell,thers nothing wrong with "whatever it takes" to avoid being took... :dgrin:
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