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T8ARMC4C suppressor

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I just read an interesting article about the T4 and T8 suppressors from Canadian Tactical. They are very light weight and are for full auto use. The 4 baffle model (the T4) adds less than an inch to the length of the barrel, while the 8 baffle model (T8) adds less than two inches.

The T4 weight 22 ounces and the T8 weighs 26 ounces. Both are made of stainless steel

The designs are very straight forward and look that it would be relatively easy to build one (legally) if the need ever arose.

Just wondering if anyone here knew anything about them...

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They do have an excellent web site don't they?
From the cutaway illustration, its seems pretty simple. I was hoping for some more design details.

Now, whats a Nielson Device (Recoil Booster) and how does it work.

That is an excellent website.
recoil booster

here we are with booster for RIKA-the short one is ASAP-AAC used on evolution-9-40-45 and dhe larger is omega type booster used on k-3 suppressor,it helps the pistol recycling normally,pistols like glock,mark23,sig series,when a shot is fired the piston moves forward and when it turned back permit the pistol to reload,because everytime we shot a glock pistol the barrel moves a little up and down very fast,if the can has not a recoil booster on it, the suppressor weight push down the barrel so the pistol can't reload , the piston moves forward with the suppressor ,when it turnes back it also moves a little up and that's all need the barrel to recycle,i do not know if i was clear,anyway i tried.
the mark23 ohg kac-suppressor-recoil booster

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Omigosh thats awesome. You could actually suppress a M1911 45. What genius.

about suppressing

i can suppress everything Rika, even a tank,
if you want to know something else you are welcome, :eatpointe
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