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takes a dozen men, all DAY, to just casually

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search ONE square mile (low brush) for a man who isn't doing more than laying prone. An acre is 30 ft wide, 1/4 mile long, and if you move faster than 1 mph during such a search, you will probably walk right PAST him. If he's got a shallow depression and a field made ghillie suit, you will have to go MUCH slower, and if he's silently KILLING some of you, you will move a LOT slower yet. If he moves a mere .5 mile, which he can do in 1 minute flat, out of your sight) your ENTIRE 1 square mile search wont mean a thing. If the cover is a lot thicker and taller, including hills, you can't search such a square mile PROPERLY in a day, with a score of men. During the night, of course, he can be 10-500 miles GONE, depending upon whether or not he gets to a vehicle.j You will be left stumbing around, searching that same area, for DAYs, wondering if he's getting ready to shoot some more of you. :)
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You won't move a half mile in one minute without making noise and being gunned down.

And depending on climate and humidity, the noise of your action cycling will give you away. Several people hearing it from different directions will make finding you much easier.
Only problem is, if you're over a ridge, etc you can't see them either. Moving quickly, either on foot or on a vehicle (like a mountain bike) greatly increases your exposure, and if you don't know where they are, you could very well be moving swiftly to your own death. E&E is more a game of silence and patience than it is speed.
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