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much less slingshot range of critters, while all you have to do with a scoped rifle is keep your eyes and ears "peeled", and fire carefully. While still QUITE inferior to having lots of snares, traps, nets, and trotlines set,the scoped, canned .22 unit and CAR-15 is WAY ahead of even a FACTORY bow and arrows as a foraging tool. At the ranges you can chest hit a deer reliably with an arrow. I can easily BRAIN him with a .22 CAR. Even if you use POISON, and talk about ANY hit, on a COW, at 100m, I can easily just use the 223 to brain the cow,too, from OFFHAND. If I brace the rifle solidly, I can brain the cow at TWICE the range at which you can reliably get ANY hit with the arrow.

Wasting lots of time "educating" crittes (about what a twit you are with a bow) is NOT a good shtf tactic, at ALL. You are exposing yourself to enemies, who have SCOPED rifles and the ability to hit you RELIABLY at 1/4 mile, and MAYBE hit you at 1/2 a mile, and who WILL devote entire DAYS to seeking you out and ambushing you. DUH, not a good move at all.
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