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Talk or do?

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JayB, I stole this off your home page. I loved it so much I just had to share it!

Any range story for that big game trophy of yours?;)
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Not so Impressive...

When you 'Bait' the tatget bull with a piece of Bologna! :dgrin:

Hear tellJB uses a 36X Weaver scope for this type of shooting so he can tell the 'Does' from the 'Bucks':nuts: :smash: :laugh:
Heck, I just figured it was a typical ironsights, 1000 yrd shot...:beer:
Hey guys,

anodes, you're welcome to the pic. That was the first fly I ever shot. I remember it like it was yesterday........ hmmmmmmmmmm. I was about 3 hours into a range session and ready to pack it in, when this beast assaulted my target.......... not buying it, huh ? :(

Seriously, that was my first fly. Since then, I take a few of those packets of honey, or some sugar water to the range with me. If I get bored with paper targets or paintballs, I'll just smear some on the targets, and wait for the critters. Sure makes for a change of pace. :D

I've managed to get insects of one form or another with a T36, a T20, and a Simmons 1048.

When my Martini Mk3 gets here Tues or Wed, I'll go see if I can add to my collection of bugs.

16" AR15, 1x24mm, 6.5MOA ReflexII, 100yrd rested, group of 3 (walk to target, pull left and down and try harder) group of 5...


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Man, not bad!!

Especially considering that the dot on your scope covered 6.5 inches of the target and is NOT magnified at all!

Works for me!
WS, Tanks! That was my concern, 6.5moa. Trijicon makes a ~3moa dot ReflexII that I would have prefered, but the 6.5 isn't as bad as I would have thought. I have thought that the triangle "dot" would be prefered for precision shooting, and it may be by useing the tip of the triangle for your POI instead of covering the target. BuHUT...:)
i got this scar, i should a picture for this post, its a tight group of seven .000-buck pellets in about a 2"x2 1/2" area on my back from a shot to the back taken at about eight feet through a soft vest i was wearing under a sweater. the shot got about 1/2" of tissue penetration. i wrote second chance to thank them. don't work in places where there is a language problem and people carry guns everywhere. (note to self)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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