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Tappan "thought" it was more important

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to have a 308 battle rifle, and FIVE THOUSAND rds than to have ANY other gun. :) Yeah, in 1976, cause ww3 was "imminent". So ALL the time you are saving up that $1300+, you are to have NO protection from the punk in the parking lot. :) Not only that, but how do you EXPECT to survive MISSING that much,hmm? Cause if you HIT with 20 rds, on each of 20 separate occasions, you will have done more than any man EVER has, since the advent of autorifles. :) SIXTEEN hits ran off 80 BATFAGS at WACO. Just how many times do you expect to be so stupid as to LET lots of men attack you, and STILL survive, hmm? 308's are 16-18 to the lb, depending upon the bullet wt. So 5000 rds is 300 lbs of ammo. In other words, you aint going ANYWHERE with that much ammo. you'd die in place, TRYING to defend it. Then your KILLER would have all that ammo.
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He's just showing his inadequacy having to attack women that know more than he does. I mean c'mon, the BEST thing he can come up with aginst you is a little scratch on a thumb safety? I mean you haven't even shot yourself in the foot yet? Or, being the uber-kommando, having the battery stolen out of your car while sleeping in it?
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