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Tappan "thought" it was more important

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to have a 308 battle rifle, and FIVE THOUSAND rds than to have ANY other gun. :) Yeah, in 1976, cause ww3 was "imminent". So ALL the time you are saving up that $1300+, you are to have NO protection from the punk in the parking lot. :) Not only that, but how do you EXPECT to survive MISSING that much,hmm? Cause if you HIT with 20 rds, on each of 20 separate occasions, you will have done more than any man EVER has, since the advent of autorifles. :) SIXTEEN hits ran off 80 BATFAGS at WACO. Just how many times do you expect to be so stupid as to LET lots of men attack you, and STILL survive, hmm? 308's are 16-18 to the lb, depending upon the bullet wt. So 5000 rds is 300 lbs of ammo. In other words, you aint going ANYWHERE with that much ammo. you'd die in place, TRYING to defend it. Then your KILLER would have all that ammo.
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Mel Tappan was a man with an opinion, not God. He also had a ranch in Rogue River, OR which was his retreat. If he wanted 5,000 rds of ammo then more power to him. Also, Tappan was more worried about SHTF (before the term was ever invented) than about WW3. The 308 was a good choice for his AO. He wasn't going to be travelling very much. You, Gunkid, are the one who is planning to live the life of a homeless vagrant killing innocent men and women for their kit and food.

You choose what is best for you and the rest of us will choose what is best for us.

I understand tactics relating to my AO very well and am capable of thinking for myself without your dogmatic bleating. Whatever weapon I choose is my personal responsibility - not yours.

Regarding your little comment about my scratching the thumb safety a tiny bit, neither I nor the owner of the gun were bothered by it. Your remark is just another pathetic little effort of yours to tell me how much you love me. Won't work though. I only respond to real men and you are not among that elite group.

Re: I dont want ANYTHING to do with stupid

andy said:
cunts who get all bent out of shape when I call some OTHER stupid cunt what she IS. :)
I got bent out of shape because you called a friend of mine that word and hurt her very badly. You know very well that using the C* word on me means nothing. I just laugh. So cool it.

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