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Taurus 24/7

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I could use some help on this one. I own a number of Taurus pistols and revolvers and have no complaint on any of them. My nephew, looking for a carry pistol, asked my help in recommending one. He likes the Taurus 24/7, but I have no personal knowledge of the weapon. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks for your help. He likes my PT 92 and my Glock 21, but they are a bit large for him.
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Terry, I can't comment directly on the Taurus line because I don't have any but maybe I can offer relevant thoughts as to size and weight. I'm 5ft 7in tall and weigh 121 lbs. My usual (legal) concealed carry gun is a Colt Officers model in an Askins Avenger holster. Sometimes I carry a S&W Mod 13 with Craig Spegal Boot Grips in a holster of my own design. The holster isn't pretty but works well. Both fit my hand and conceal well on my body when dressed properly. For those hot days when I'm wearing a tank top and shorts, a KelTec 380 rides with me.

Just my .02

Hi KJUN, I think you would look cute in a tank top. Rule #1 - you gotta let your belly button show. Well ... you gotta have a pretty flat tummy too - it spoils the effect if your stomach hangs over your belt.

Just kidding you back but GOSH you would be amazed at how many men wear tank tops who have no business doing so. :eek:

KJUN said:
By the way, you weren't born in 1977 to a southern woman, were you? I only ask because our birthdays are awfully close and my father WAS caught with my Mom's Bridesmaid on their wedding night. :)
I'll take that as a compliment. To your question, my mother is a Southern woman and I'm absolutely sure of who my father is. I was born in 1980.

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