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Tear Jerker Makarov

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My son asked me to be his best man at his wedding, I said his best friend should be his best man, he said,"You are my best friend". OK, a bucket of tears later, he gives me my best man's gift, a new in the box Bulgarian Makarov, two set's of grips, four magazines, holster, cleaning rod, and lanyard. Engraved "To My Best Friend, My Dad," It don't get no better folk's.
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Remember that when you get him his wedding gifts :D

In all seriousness, good times. Great to have a family eh?
Gift's ? I put him through college, bought him his first truck, and paid the bridal dinner and liqour bill. What would you like next, a pound of flesh nearest my heart?
Terry, your son is a winner.

C'mon Terry, one last big one to consummate him getting out of the house. . .:D
My oldest daughter is getting married next May, so it will be my turn to shell out the bucks. Last year, I had a similar moment with my 2 daughters, each 6 weeks apart. Its at that moment as a parent, you know you did it right!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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