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With September upon us, the election season enters its final, most heated phase. We, here, at the Fifty Caliber Institute wanted to take a moment, before the campaign rhetoric reaches its shrill peak, to remind you that it’s time to begin looking at your elected officials (and candidates) with a serious eye.

You can be sure that both good and bad candidates will be bragging on how they “support” gun owners and the 2nd amendment. But as the saying goes, “Actions talk, while bull**** walks.”

Ask yourself (and your representatives), not what they THINK about the 2nd amendment, but what have they DONE about it. Wearing blaze orange and going on a pheasant hunt (just to be seen on camera), then voting down every piece of pro-gun ownership legislation, doesn’t make him/her a supporter of gun ownership.

Worse, still, this election year heralds an opportunity to lose a lot of your rights from the actions of “lame-duck” representatives, people voted out of office, but that haven’t yet left. With accountability to the voters back home gone, they’ll take every opportunity to ram all sorts of onerous legislation into law knowing they’ve got nothing left to lose.

To prevent that scenario from happening, the FCI will be stretched more so than usual, both at the federal and states level, in trying to prevent your rights from being sold down the river, late in the legislative season, under cover of darkness.

For the next four months, we sure could use your help.

#1-You’re going to need to respond IMMEDIATELY to any legislative alerts we put out. You can bet those hoping to ban the fifty caliber will be plotting to slip something through at the last minute, when they think you’re not looking. When they try that, we won’t have much lead time to react, probably only hours or a day or two at most. So stay alert and jump on those phones and faxes when we call you to action.

#2-Added threats mean added costs. No doubt about it. While those wanting to take away your rights to own the fifty caliber are funded by only a handful of rich benefactors and “progressive” institutions, the FCI is solely supported by funds ($20, $50, $100 at a time) from the average guy and gal on the street. The people, who have to work for a living, not attend ritzy metropolitan “social events.” It takes a LOT of ordinary people to compete, financially, against the mega-bucks contributors the gun-banners have in their pocket.

We’d appreciate it, consequently, if you’d send us a check, donate through our website, or pick up some fifty-caliber merchandise in these final days leading to Election Day.

The clock is ticking on your rights. What’s your call?

You can contribute on line by going here:

You can take a crack at winning your very own, heavy class, benchrest, target rifle by going here:

You can pick up some really cool .50 cal gear by going here:

Or, you can mail a check to:

Fifty Caliber Institute
PO Box 1128
Choctaw, OK 73020

Either way, YOUR actions are the only thing standing between gun rights and gun bans.

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Thanks Rich. Even the most ardent gunowners tend to dismiss the 50cal because most of us don't own one. I won't mind contributing.

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