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The Forums May Be Slower But...

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it sure is nicer not to see all the brown smelly stuff that was getting posted here before. I wonder if GK believes that a certain type of post will be welcomed back here just to get him to start posting more often. I doubt it, since the forums seem almost civil now.

I do have to admit though that when GK posts in civil terms now, it is rather discouraging to see others who continue to bash him by posting nasty derogatory replies to him. It should be easy to disagree with him without getting vile, and now that he has apparently stopped being so, why don't we all stop too.

Just some thoughts on the way things have shaped up.
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All Right!

i personally feel that one and all will be treated with a 'firm/fair ' hand

with the 'MODS' that were chosen!

good work RICH!

[deleted] thanks.
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