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the Lyman ladle makes it easy to get full

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filled out bullets when casting. Open top ladles, bottom pour furnaces make such a thing difficult, and the furnaces don't melt enough metal at a time, nor fast enough,to keep a 4 or 6 cavity mold going. I prefer a propane fired plumber's furnace, and a 100 lb pot on same. It will melt a 20 lb ingot in 3 minutes, and it will get an entire 100 lb pot of cold lead to casting temp in 10 minutes. That way, very little time need be lost.

I greatly prefer the Star sizer luber, at 2000+ bullets per hour, for making practice bullets, but it can't handle the hardness of the pure tin, super-lw bullets that I recommend for defense. Neither can any other sizer-luber machine. YOu have to just roll them around in Lee Liquid Lube, and then use the reloading press and Lee Sizer Die to size them.
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