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I was surprised at the responses I got for this...

"Man, I loved it when we got in country and all the dogs had 16's. They were jealous as shit over our outfit having the ol' dinosaur. The M14 ruled the battlefield there. Yeah, it was heavy but the trade off for more power was worth it. We almost revolted against command when they wanted to give us M16's."

"I remember one night on guard duty, we had tower 4 on the west side of the firebase. A couple of days before, we had a VC sniper move into the area. He'd send harrassing shots in from the treeline at different times of the day. That night, we pinpointed him on the treeline. Several of us took shots but we couldn't get the range with the 16's. George had an M14. One shot put that guy out of his misery. Wasn't long after that George was given the role of designated marksman."

"I hated the M14. I should say, I hated the M14 until we would get in a firefight. The only weapon I liked better was the M79."

"The only gun we had in the company that wouldn't jam was my M14. I miss that gun."
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