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The only 2 jokes I ever remember. . .

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Q. Why won't Polish women use vibrators?
A. Because it chips their teeth.

Three nuns were out on a bike ride. Mother Superior rode a ten-speed while two Sisters shared a tandem bike. As the ride progressed, the two nuns sharing the bycicle-built-for-two began to laugh. Mother Superior shot them dirty looks, but they could not help but keep giggling. They tried their very best to keep quiet, but every time the bike hit a pothole or rough road, the two Sisters burst out laughing uncontrollably. Finally, Mother Superior stopped her bike and turned to the others. Fuming, she yelled, "You two stop this nonsense, or I'll have Father put the seats back on!"

Sorry if the second one wasn't told very well. It's been at least 15 years since I first heard it-- probably my first dirty joke-- that's why I remember it. I'm pretty sure I didn't "get it" until a couple years later. And being a Polish girl, I still don't get the first one. . . ;)
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