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:rolleyes: I'll bet that most people have never thought of this one! OK, what are some of the most dangerous things that you can do in, everyday, daily life? Here's my list of things that might have gotten me, either, seriously injured or killed:

#1. Buy a brand new SUV with all the bells and whistles! Then do something, incredibly stupid, like drive it around at night. TWICE, THAT'S RIGHT - TWICE - THIS NEARLY BOUGHT ME THE FARM.

#2. Here's another one that I'm sure most people have missed: TAKE YOUR GUNS TO THE RANGE FOR AN AFTERNOON OF SHOOTING. (I know because I used to be one of those people; and, the first time, it took a wiser friend to save me from looking down the muzzle of one of my own guns!) The SECOND TIME this happened to me, I was the one who pulled an S&W Model 59 from behind my back and asked the rhetorical question; 'Are you, really, sure that you want to play this game with me?' (He didn't.)

If you think something like this could never happen to you, well, remember a couple of guys named, 'Platt and Maddox'? Guess where they got several of their guns from! (And the legal owner was left, behind, for the gators to munch on.)

#3. Grow old. BAD GUYS LOVE OLD PEOPLE; and, damn it, now I'm one of them!

I'm sure there are many other, 'high risk' things you might find yourself involved in; things like: breaking up with a former lover; being forced to go through life better looking than you, might otherwise, have a right to be; or being forced by economic necessity to take a part-time job at, either, a convenience store or an all-night gas station.

Feel free to add to the list; and, 'Merry Christmas'! :santa:

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Hell, these days for a gun enthusiast, getting married is high risk!

If you and the wife (yeah, I know, I am sexist and looking at this from the male perspective - so sue me) get into a real spat, all she has to do is file a domestic complaint against you and you lose all of your guns. I wonder how many divorces became spiteful in this manner?

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1) Forget, even momentarily, any of the really important rules about gun handling. In all my years of shooting and handling guns, I have had a sinlge accidental discharge of a fiream, which was pretty recently. Just had a mind fart when I was unloading it, but that "just" was more than enough. I removed the mag, I had it in my hand, then I removed the round in the chamber, and I manually held open the slide to check the chamber. Well I never thought of checking the mag well, and you actually have to hold the pistol at a different angle to see the mag well after looking in the chamber - I sure cannot see both at the same time. Besides that, didn't I just say I had removed the mag and had it in my hand! Well that is what I thought because of a mind fart. Actually I had the spare mag in my hand, I had picked it up when I picked up the gun. I had made a cardinal sin and picked up two things when I only needed the one, and then did not double check the mag well. So when the slide went forward, and I pulled the trigger to decock, bang. Now I have a hole in the kitchen floor! At least I had it pointed in a relatively safe direction.

Funny thing was, that when I looked to see if the round went all the way through the floor (it did not it was only a .32 auto) I found out one of my gas pipes in the basement was leaking. That accidental discharge may actually have saved some lives, but I am not saying that this makes stupidity around guns ok - it was solely a coincidence. I will say: oh boy I was stupid!

2) Go hunting or hiking alone in the woods, but that is the way I usually go. In a couple of years I'll be able to take my son for deer, and right now for squirrel, but I almost always go it alone for deer, but lately I have had to use public land and that does get scary. Lots of whackos out there.

3) Make an arrest by yourself.;)

Here is one act of total self stupidity I will never forget.
It happened about 20 years ago, back when I consumed
adult beverages more than I should have. A now late friend
of mine, and I had been drinking brandy cokes for most of the
night. We were feeling no pain to put mildly, When he decided
to show his new colt auto 45. Knowing what forgetful guy he
could be sober, I should have defered than and there!

But, hell no. I grabed it by the butt, examined it and remarked
nice! I then pointed it at the wall in front of us, about 4ft in front
of us. I ASS_umed it was unloaded, I saw the mag was out,
So I decided to test the trigger pull, BANG!!!!!!!.

Mike was sitting 3ft off to my side, both of us looking at each
other, "eyes as wide as an old Amos & Andy show.
A big hole in the plaster and lap board wall.

[bleep]! first I said it, then I did it. That was the "LAST TIME I
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