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Many of the controversial statements attributed to Elmer Keith were not actually written by Keith. Some were written when Keith was in poor health, on his behalf, by Truman Fowler. Still other statements were the gun world's equivalent to "urban legends"; usually told in articles by aspiring gunwriters claiming to know Keith.

Keith's name is synonymous with large caliber. But, did you know that he was a participant in the .220 Swift M1 Garand project while in the National Guard? Did you know that some .220 Swift bullets were "field tested" in the Philippines in WWII? Keith wrote some material on solid copper, .220 Swift armor piercing bullets, too.

Keith was an early proponent of DA/SA auto's for the Army. He recommended a .45 ACP S&W auto for them.

Now you know.

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I took what I said from Elmer's own

books. No, the bullets for the Swift experiments Elmer did himself were not copper, they were bronze, turned out on a lathe. Whether or not that was so of the (supposed) miltary test bullets, I dont know. Probably never happened, cause we had no time for screwing around in WW2.
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