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The ULTIMATE big bore...

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Check out this link. Looks like it could be fun.
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Oh yeah!!

I always thought a watermelon gun would be MUCH better than a potato gun any day! But this is awesome!

Take it to the bowling alley and set it up in the lane..... :laugh:
I called my wife over to look at it and she just said, "Uh uh. No way."

Fire for effect, over.
I like it! Surely a Destructive Device?

Has to be laws against that (there are here anyway) but geeeezz.....that would be such a fun toy!

Just imagine if ya had it mounted to turrent that could actually hold it. Wow!

If everyone thinks it is or should be againts the law, then they will have no problem making it that way.
What "everyone" thinks should be against the law we have no way of knowing because I am the only one who said anything in reference to legality-and that was lightheartedly.

Do I think it is against the law? No, I do not. I know it is against the law, in Texas anyway.

Besides, if "everyone" thinks it should be against the law then that means no one thinks it should be legal. Therefore "they" will make it against the law without anybody becoming upset, right?

So what's the problem with that?

repete34 said:
If everyone thinks it is or should be againts the law, then they will have no problem making it that way.
repeat34, I also have to say that I have a contention with your post. As to having "no problem" making the above illegal perhaps you should do some homework?

"A destructive device (DD) is a explosive, incendiary or poison gas weapon, or any firearm with a bore over 1/2", with exceptions for sporting shotguns, among other things (see discussion below)."

As to actually classifying the "bowling ball mortar" a firearm, I would prefer to leave that distinction open... So I can have one!:) However, there would no doubt be someone who would kneejerk themselves into the opposite corner from me. Yet DDs CAN be possesed, does that make them regulated or illegal?
legal or otherwise i now have a reason to go to garage sales!:dgrin:
Another point I wanted to make since pete there got me stirred up. Okay, maybe more than one.

In the event the Federal Government filed charges (even if they don't) one could still be charged at the state level for the same offense (double jeopardy doesn’t apply state vs fed)

I have taken the liberty of providing excerpts from the Texas Penal Code, which shows this device is already illegal in Texas (which means what “everyone” thinks is a moot point).

§ 46.01. Definitions

In this chapter:

(16) "Zip gun" means a device or combination of devices that was not originally a firearm and is adapted to expel a projectile through a smooth-bore or rifled-bore barrel by using the energy generated by an explosion or burning substance.

§ 46.05. Prohibited Weapons

(a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly possesses, manufactures, transports, repairs, or sells:

(1) an explosive weapon;

(2) a machine gun;

(3) a short-barrel firearm;

(4) a firearm silencer;

(5) a switchblade knife;

(6) knuckles;

(7) armor-piercing ammunition;

(8) a chemical dispensing device; or

(9) a zip gun.

e) An offense under this section is a felony of the third degree unless it is committed under Subsection (a)(5) or (a)(6), in which event, it is a Class A misdemeanor.

So ya see, this why I do not think it is illegal......I know it is.

Have a nice day.

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Didn't mean to get you so excited Dave, breathe deep count to ten. Are you a cop? Your getting all excited like one. Explain to me how to remove the post and I will. I am new here and will not go away mad I will just go away. But first I will remove the post if it will make you feel better.
It is done deleted gone. I will leave now and not cause any further problems. BYE:)

I'd think that ya'll would see stuff like this frequently with all those green suited cannon-cockers running around in your neck of the woods. ;)
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