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The Word On 22 Mags

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I posted a message several days back requesting thoughts and opinionson from you folks on favorite 22 mag rifles as i was interested in purchasing one. Looks like there wasn't much knowledge to share so I am posting what I found to be the sweetest shooter and passing the info along.....the CZ was good over all but I just had an opportunity to shoot an Anschutz 1516D classic..the overall fit and finish on this rifle was damn near perfect and it shot better than it looked. I have to find out if they make any bigger clips as it only held 4 rounds. It was rigged with a tropy 4X12 which i do not like and would up grade on my purchace. Using win 40 gr jhp there were clover leafs at 50 yards and at 100 mostly 1" groups (and i ain't no sharpshooter). I also shot the the ruger 77/22 and the 10/22 but they dont come close to the Anshutz...which is about $250.00 more money. the barrel wheight and length made this feel like a glove for off hand shooting. So in my humble opinion its the best damn one i have seen....thanks, Eric
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I've heard.........

I've heard and read some real good things about the Anschutz.

Congrats! I doubt you'll ever regret it. ;)
Sounds like a real nice gun. I checked and they also make a model 1517D in .17HMR. Probably would be real nice as well.
I've never seen the point, really. Either

get a big closer, use the far cheaper and quieter .22 lr, or have 4x the power and at least 2x the range, by using a 223. With the 223 being the fighting rifle rd of choice, and with decent AR's offering 1 MOA, and nobody being able to hit better than 1 MOA targets, consistently, under field conditions, why would you not just use either the .22lr conversion unit in the AR, or the 223 AR itself? Why would you NOT have a proper fighting tool, and waste money on a half-assed, feeble hunting rifle, whose ammo is hard pressed to group better than 1.5 MOA(regardless of how good the rifle is, hmm) The Anschutz costs MORE than a kit built AR, and mag rimfire costs as much as the cheaper milsurp 223 ammo.
u never cease to amaze me

you can't even join a conversation without changing the subject to fighting rifles.

if i said i knew a good place to go fishin' u'd say why bother with fish just get a .223.
the point is, why bother spending $

on toys, when you aint yet got the real deal gear and ability? somebody has needed to say what I say, for decades now.
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