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Yesterday out of curiousity I did a search online for some older knives I bought 20 some years ago.

Talk about sticker shock and hindsight being 20/20!:eek2:

An AG Russsel Boot Kife made in Seki City Japan that I know I paid less than $20 OTD is now listed for $178!!! Now I wish I had bought a few more and set them back. The one I have ain't going anywhere.

Next shock was a Gerber Partriot combat knife I paid aroun $70 IIRC at the PX in 1993. Now listed as "rare" and $330!!!! I never carded much for that.. so time to gently remove the camo paint and reopen my ebay account.

Just a heads up on what some people may have either laying in the back of their gun safe selves or in/on their kit.
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