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They Will Explode Here

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They Will Explode Here
John L. Perry
Monday, October 20, 2003
What is it about terrorist bombs in Iraq and Israel that makes anyone think the day won’t come when they’ll be exploding in American cities?
Tempting Iraqi and Israeli targets are ringed by reinforced-concrete barricades and guarded by heavily armed security forces. Yet none of that stops anti-American terrorists willing to swap their worthless lives for footage in the latest television news coverage.

By comparison, similar – and even more-inviting – targets on American soil lie largely prostrate, vulnerable to bombings that don’t even put terrorists at mortal risk.

The World’s Richest Target

Of all nations on the world map, the United States is the ripest for attack by global terror, the most readily plucked.

Federal, state and local governments in this country are collectively investing billions of dollars and countless hours of earnest time in unprecedented efforts to intercept terror wherever possible and respond wherever that should fail.

It is private-industry executives, however, who are for the most part sitting back, watching as though they have no dog to protect in this fight, smug in the delusion that what terrorists are doing overseas won’t happen here in the good ol’ U. S. of A., and, if it should, there’s no way it could happen to them.

Leaving It to Chance

The analogy is as if private businesses, factories and institutions – including schools, universities, hospitals and houses of worship – were to budget zero funds for either fire insurance or fire prevention, instead relying for protection on the roll of the dice.

This is an unspoken, open invitation extended at this very moment in every city, large or small, all across this land for terrorists to step up and take their best shots at where Americans live, work, play and raise their families.

It can’t get much dumber than that.

Ho-Humming Through Terror

And it’s only a matter of time – precious little, at that – until the terrorist sleeper-cells embedded throughout American communities receive their wake-up calls, while the private sector slumbers on.

Counter-terrorism forces in Iraq and Israel make it difficult, albeit not impossible, for terrorists to strike in those lands, almost always with loss of terrorist life.

In this country, terrorists could inflict far-worse damage, at less cost and, worst of all, with greater ease.

No Martyrs Need Apply

There is within the pro-terrorist population within the United States a far less number of willing candidates for homicide bombings than overseas. But who needs to blow himself up in this country to inflict substantial damage?

Consider the practicality and frugality of remote-controlled detonation of explosives.

Next time you fly over any American city look out the cabin window. You will see mile after twisted mile of highways feeding heavy rush-hour traffic in and out, bumper-to-bumper targets for roadside bombs triggered remotely, such as those growing in popularity in Iraq’s Baathist Triangle.

Short-Term Parking

It is today possible to drive right in and park a car, van or truck loaded with explosives at most American airport parking lots or garages and then walk away with no one the wiser.

Not a shopping mall in this land has anyone in authority paying the slightest attention to who parks what where. In fact, the whole idea is: The more shopper-parkers, the better for business.

Hospitals are astonishingly wide open to a vehicle containing who-knows-what pulling right up to the front door while the driver steps inside “for just a moment,” then exits by a rear door.


At most manufacturing facilities, you may drive right up to the main entrance, leave a vehicle in a handy “Visitors” slot and be out of there on foot before anyone suspects a thing.

Church and synagogue parking lots are jammed on religious holidays. Mothers in SUVs line up at public schools every weekday afternoon to fetch their children home. Ball games, from major leagues to youth soccer, are wide open to parked bombs-on-wheels.

At every one of those scenes, and a multitude of others, it is no big challenge for a dedicated terrorist with a modicum of training to leave an explosive package behind and detonate it with a radio devise no bigger than a TV channel-changer.

Different Kind of Horror

Not much damage when compared with two loaded airliners crashing into the World Trade Center, right? Wrong.

All it would take for one such bombing every two or three days in various locations around the country, and the American people would be in purple panic, commerce at a crawl and the economy on the ropes.

Don’t think for one moment that organized terrorists have not figured this out for themselves. Remember: The end goal of terrorists is to destroy Western Civilization by crippling America’s economic engine by terrifying its population into catatonic paralysis.

Overdue At Home

Anyone who thinks that’s exaggeration hasn’t read history or seen through the evening news. The miracle is that terror in this initiatory form – random, repetitive bombings – has not already spread from Baghdad and Tel Aviv to Bangor or Telluride.

What the new Department of Homeland Security is doing to tighten up America’s points of entry and coordinate counter-terrorism intelligence is of enormous help. And it will be even more so in the following months of this protracted nightmare of terrorism that’s only getting started.

But no amount of federal or state or city governmental intervention is going to stop determined terrorists from doing tomorrow in America what they are doing today in Iraq and Israel. Only the private sector, itself, can protect to the greatest degree its own most-vulnerable weaknesses.

Living a Fantasy

The problem lies not in having enough physical means or know-how to do this job. All that exists in ample amount, just awaiting application.

What’s missing is a mind-set in the culture of American private businesses and institutions that acknowledges the threat, recognizes their own vulnerability and has the old-fashion business common sense to invest in adequate counter-terrorism assessment and practices.

There are right now in America highly intelligent, seasoned practitioners of the tried-and-true art of counter-terrorism. A number of private concerns is engaging them, to good advantage.

Subsidizing Irrelevance

However, most of America’s public as well as private counter-terrorism funding is going instead into theoretical research by academics who haven’t a clue or a day’s practical experience of how to prevent a terrorist attack.

You can bet the terrorists, who already possess reality-proven bombing tactics, aren’t frittering away any of their time or money on theoretical research.

Terrorist bombings will happen here. Then will follow a God-awful clamor to “do something” … after it’s too late.

John L. Perry, a prize-winning newspaper editor and writer who served on White House staffs of two presidents, is a regular columnist for

Original NewsMax article

Reproduced with the permission of All rights reserved.
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This is a very accurate and well-researched article. If anyone out there is still thinking "if" and not "when", they are simply living in denial.
I am actually quite surprised that the "other shoe" hasn't dropped yet.

If you all want to read a VERY interesting fiction book based on a lot of facts about biological warfare, read The Cobra Event by Richard Preston. Interesting reading.
Of course your right. Its a matter of time. I try not to think about
it all the time but, its never far from the front of my mind.
Its impossible to cover every possibility of course. However we
can pretty much see the worst case scenarios and protect
accordingly. One thing so many people fail to do is to be

Every one knows his or her neighborhood, workplace, route
home, ect. Be on the watch for that out of place person, truck, car.
listen, look. This goes double for those who work in transportation, international or national shipping, at our nations
ports of entry, and for those who deal in selling any materials
or compounds that could be used to make a terrorist device.
don't get me wrong,i agree with you.BUT,where does joe taxpayer learn what they should be looking for?3 tan skinned guys walking into a ryder rental office to get a 24footer may raise a few eyebrows.a single white 30 year old guy doesn't rate a second look(u want fries with that?).not all of these terrorists are going to be easily seen.there must be plenty of home grown jihadists who won't fit the average joe's view of a terrorist.obviously some/most of you folks have a local/state/federal law enforcement background.looking over some of the posts,not just on this thread,it seems to me that its just expected that we all know but are unwilling to see all that is it because we,joe citizens,are assumed too stupid to put the info into the right context.or is it that the information isn't PC?
all i want is to know what i should be looking for.i live in a quiet mid-western town between detroit & chicago.not a lot happens close by nuke plants or military bases, & the only chem plant is 60 miles away.(paralell to the prevailing winds).
mr.bartley mentioned shaving,chanting,booze,& sex as some things islamic nut bags do before killing people.maybe i live in a box under a freewayoverpass but i had never heard that before.this id the kind of info i'm refering to.
my community is abot 80%white 10%black 8%latino & 2%"other".i don't remember ever seeing a middle eastern man here until a couple of months ago.
what can i do?
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Yeah, that is a problem. Suppose you are wrong and DO something? Suppose you are right, and DO nothing? If you are wrong you go to jail, maybe. If you are right, doomsday, maybe.

Tough call. And only hindsight will will be your guide.

So why don't the authorities give us guidelines? Probably because to do so will tell the bad guys how that need to NOT act.

It's like reading the newspapers about these alerts and such. Hell, if it is in the newspapers, do they really think the terrorists can't read? All they are doing now is getting us into a "crying wolf" mode so we will start ignoring the warnings. I mean, there is a BIG game this weekend with a sellout crowd, but there is an orange alert. Just like the last 10 of them. You have tickets. Are you going to just throw the tickets away? Just because of orange alert #11?
what COULD be done, hmm? All they'd

have to do is maybe silently shoot some guard at some parking lot, BEFORE parking their van. the only real answer is to quit supporting Isreal. Is anybody mad at Canada? Hmmm? Quit being bully boys all over the world, and people wont hate you all over the world. NO country HAS any realistic "national interests" outside of their BORDERS, period.
Stay OUT of other country's biz, like nearly every other country in the world does. If sending a few hit teams can't take care of a problem area, send a few backpack nukes.
Israel is not the point

Serious research into the motives and mindsets of the jihadists reveals that Israeli support isn't the real issue. These people seek taking power in the oil rich region with 12th century islamic regimes. They win at that and we'll see the illusion of borders when western industrial economies grind to a halt. That won't be allowed to happen. This fight's been coming for decades and finally we have a Pres and team that really "gets it" .
The Libertarian view on this is at least 100 years obsolete. The global economy obsoleted it. And the dominance of western culture. They'll kill us because by our example, their own minions desire what we have.
the ONLY reason that they HAVE any

ability to DO anything of the kind is because of the pent up rage at ISreal and the military gear WE sold them. The only reason that they traded oil for half assed military gear is ISreal. The only reason Isreal still EXISTS is we support them. At least, that was true before they had nukes, and probably is STILL true. The arabs have plenty who'd die to rid the world of Isreal. Isreal MAY well be unable to KEEP nukes servicable, ya know. It takes a lot of effort and expense and knowledge to do so.
wrong wrong wrong on every account. Most of their arms are soviet. millions of tons of them. They have vast wealth available from the f'ing oil. Our arms have been insignificant in the mix ie AK's, explosives, box cutters, ad nauseum - no US stuff to speak of except electronic gizmo's purchased through the private sector.

These are badly failed cultures through no fault of ours except for our comparative excellence. Their inability to adapt to modernity in almost every sense has led to a burning sense of humiliation across the board. They are a world wide version of a Columbine punk who hates others for his own utter failure and looks outside for someone to blame.

Bin Laden has never given a [bleep] about the Palestinians. He longs for a 12th century world.
baloney, we gave Saddam LOTS of stuff

with which to fight Iran. We've armed the Saudis, too, and what's more, YOU KNOW IT. ALL of the fundementalist Muslims feel that Israel has to GO, and they also believe that they are guaranteed a place in Heaven if they die fighting in a "holy war", or kill an "infidel". There's a LOT of fundamentalist Muslims in Saudi. Osama's crew is mostly Saudi, most of his support and money is Saudi.
US arms to Iraq are insignificant in compared to the stuff he got from the Soviets and purchased with oil money after our aid was up. And there really is no point to the who armed him issue anyway. Wherever he got his stuff is quite irrelevant to what he was about and what the war against the jihadist terrorists is about.
Yeah, Saudi Arabia is screwed up. Not every problem is a nail nor needs a hammer. But over a decade of other approaches made Iraq a 10 penny nail to be driven.
Syria and Iran have to change. Libya caved on their own because of the proactive war on the terror states. Gonna take awhile, we'll need some Snickers bars.
Read my post about Isreal getting away

with DELIBERATELY trying to sink a US ship that they accidentally first hit. We'd have NUKED any country that didn't run Wall Street in NYC, if we'd KNOWN that they did such a thing.
I read it. The attack on the Liberty. A screwed up deal for sure. I have little knowledge of what the situation was that led to that. I don't know if they had much of an argument of mis-taken identity for a Libyan or Egyptian vessel being around there. Wouldn't make much sense to deliberately attack the US Navy . . . on the face of it at least.

But bottom line is nothing would be different with these jihadists today if Israel had been over run and exterminated in 1967.

The situation in the middle east overall wouldn't be that much different at all because of the sad state of affairs in those societies and all that damn oil they are sitting on.
u r DUCKING the fact that Arabs wouldn't

CARE about us, if it wasn't for Isreal, and Isreal is a PROVEN enemy of ours.
No I haven't ducked that at all. I've covered that issue quite thoroughly above.
BS, without the Jews to stir them up

and unite them, and make them buy ever more sohisticated armament and training, they'd never have amounted to a hill of beans. Not that they are much more than that yet, but ONE of these days, they are going to buy some Russian nuke. If they get to the US with it, they will probably set it off next to a nuke power plant, upwind of NYC, in the winter. That would have the most effect.
u r STILL ducking the issue about how

much (obviously) influence the Jews have in the US. As I said, any OTHER country that attacked one of our ships, and REALLY tried to sink her, would have been nuked, probably within 48 hours of the attack on the ship.
Pissing contest aside...

I too believe it will again happen here. The conspiratorial side of my brain can't help but wonder if it might happen in a time frame favorable to the knee-jerk response of extending (or making permanent) the AW ban that's scheduled to sunset this September...

Say, an attack in July or August, getting the sheeple roused up enough to support the "measures" that BB declares "necessary" to protect them.

Not trying to make predictions, but any excuse would, imo, encourage politicians to further clamp down on individual liberties here in the U.S.
Scary scenario.

I'm amazed (not really...) at how often some event will take place and seemingly overnight legislation hits congress. Or when some anti-gun legislation is stuck in Congress and appearing to be heading towards defeat.

So yeah, with the anti-gunners frothing at the mouth over the possible sunset of the AW ban, everyone should be on pins and needles.

Probably someone will storm the congressional chambers in a SUV, wearing an NRA baseball cap, and holding a Barrett M82 in each arm......
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