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and probably still has potential to become one of the better gun forums around; but it seems to be going in the wrong direction for that. The fault does not fall onto the webslave but onto some of the site's registered users, and onto some who have failed to register. It is a real shame that instead of sharing information (real information based upon our experiences with guns, shooting sports, self defense and so forth) we have to put up with the incessant rantings of a few real jerks. Or is that one real jerk with a few sign-on names?

The really big shame though is not that one person, or a few, keep(s) posting really ridiculous threads and posts, but that the rest of us here on these forums actually acknowledge those posts and answer him/them. I have been guilty myself, but I realize it has got to stop, so I may as well be the first to say that I am not going to answer what I believe to be anymore of this person's or these people's obnoxious, ridiculous, and often blatantly incorrect rantings. I would ask that others do the same; because if enough of us do likewise, then this person (or those people) will be faced with a choice. That choice would be to either post and get no replies or to start posting decently in each and every post in order to generate any responses from us.

I can only hope others will give it a try. Don't just put the jerks on your ignore list, instead truly ignore him/them. Make this site one in which we share real gun talk not some twisted fantasies that sound as if they come from the mind of a 12 year old with discipline problems. If I wanted trash like that I would go to a kids chat room for problem children, not a shooter's oriented forum like this.

Glenn B
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