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Thoughts on the assault weapon ban sunsetting?

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Now I know this is going to be a real touchy subject.

Probably because I have mixed feelings about it that are in direct conflict with each other.

Of course, I get all tingly inside thinking about the block on military style weaponry being lifted and perhaps that high capacity magazine BS going away as well. I mean, yeah I think there are some new firearms outside of the USA that I sure would like to have, and heck, I sure would like to see the prices on those SIG 550/551s come way down as well. I could fill some holes in my collection that I thought would be forever unfilled, since the cost of filling them would be way more than I would be willing to spend.

But on the other hand, what about those guns I already own? The ones I bought back in the early 80s that have increased in value SUBSTANTIALLY because of the AW ban? Self interest? Well, yeah, I sheepishly admit that is true. Don't most people like to think their investments will keep their value? Granted, I didn't really buy them with that in mind, but once a windfall falls in your lap, through no fault of your own, doesn't the idea of it evaporating kind of bother you even a little bit? Of course, maybe I am in such a small minority of people who have collected these things over the years that few other people even think of it in that light.

Heck, people would ask me why I was buying those ugly things, and I would just tell them "One day, you aren't going to be to get this kind of stuff for love nor money."

Push come to shove, if my vote made all of the difference, I would vote to lift the ban in a heartbeat. Even though it would likely mean that my black Steyr AUG would no longer be worth the money it is now worth, nor would my other prized gunvault queens. But heck, the pros outweigh the cons, in my opinion and in my personal situation.

But on the other hand, if the anti-gunners pull some sleight of hand (which I would bet MONEY will happen), I guess at least I can console myself slightly (and selfishly) that at least my investments are still holding their value. Unless of course, that sleight of hand completely outlaws the guns entirely. Which would not overly surprise me either. Of course, we may have a real problem if someone comes knocking on my door demanding that I just hand them over. In which case, I probably won't have to worry much about any laws afterwards anyway.

If a were a smart and prudent man, I guess I would think about selling a few of them now hoping to still get top dollar for them. But how many potential buyers will be in a "wait and see" mode?

Oh well, it would be like volunteering for a root canal for me to sell some of them anyway.

Just rambling....
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Money isn't even a distant second issue with me. The prices are artificially HIGH due to an illegal restriction of our freedoms. If it took the devaluing of ALL of my guns, ammo, reloading equipment, etc. to less than a pennie on the dollar to get a "return" of our liberties to us without any associated violence, I would be HAPPY to see it happen.

Since I buy my guns to own and not to resale, the money value is not relevant. Matter of fact, as a strong supporter of the Bill of Rights, I'd vote for a reduction of federal gun regs even if it would somehow result in the price of new guns tripling! Our freedoms - all of them - are more important than cash considering how many Americans have already fought and/or died to protect those rights for us.

I realize that I would have "wasted" lots of money on expensive full and high capacity mags if the ban sunsets, but that waste of money will be the "best" waste I've evenr had! Besides, I could buy MORE for less money. That's when COST does become an issue with

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Well,look at it this way Rich.When President Clinton signed "evil"guns into oblivion there was a run on them at the guns stores.Remember the talk of record sales on "assault rifles" & hi-cap autoloading pistols?What i'm getting at is simple.Revolver sales languished.People were trading in wheelguns to buy autos.That suited me and my friends just fine.If the ban on hi-cap mags fall(sigh,too kool.not holding my breath though.)then there might be another slump on revolver sales.=You might get a swell deal on some more Pythons.:D
BTW,I too have a couple of pre-ban guns that will "lose monetary value"when(if)the ban falls.This is one of those rare instances when I'll be just as happy to lose a little dough.
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