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Money isn't even a distant second issue with me. The prices are artificially HIGH due to an illegal restriction of our freedoms. If it took the devaluing of ALL of my guns, ammo, reloading equipment, etc. to less than a pennie on the dollar to get a "return" of our liberties to us without any associated violence, I would be HAPPY to see it happen.

Since I buy my guns to own and not to resale, the money value is not relevant. Matter of fact, as a strong supporter of the Bill of Rights, I'd vote for a reduction of federal gun regs even if it would somehow result in the price of new guns tripling! Our freedoms - all of them - are more important than cash considering how many Americans have already fought and/or died to protect those rights for us.

I realize that I would have "wasted" lots of money on expensive full and high capacity mags if the ban sunsets, but that waste of money will be the "best" waste I've evenr had! Besides, I could buy MORE for less money. That's when COST does become an issue with

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