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20+ years ago, and you "think" 70 grs, 2300 fps is "hot" in the .460 Rowland. :) The Rowland is rated at 35,000 CUP, the .45 ACP at 19.500 CUP. That's like comparing the standard 38 special to truly full bore 357 mag loads. SAME pressure differences. same DOUBLE the performance. The Rowland safely gets a 230 gr jhp to 1360 fps. you really "think" that 1/3rd as heavy a bullet CAN'T be driven nearly twice as fast? You are quite ignorant if you "think" so. The 230 gr jhp takes up a LOT of space in the .460s case. the HUGE hollowbase in my shorty little 70 gr swc takes up very little such space. there's plenty of room to seat it on top of 13.5 grs of Bullseye.
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