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This was achieved by hollowbasing a solid brass bullet. The bullet had a concave ogive, with a pretty small diameter, somewhat rounded nose on it. Such a bullet, at such a speed, goes thru concealable armor like so much cheese.

The trouble is, such a bullet doesn't have much effectiveness on the body behind the armor. Bryzinski, inventor of the Hydro Shok and QuikShok bullets, gave me the idea for the split Nose bullet, with his comment about it being feasible to make the QuikShok out of solid Copper. Copper being much lighter and considerably harder than lead, it would of course be AP, if it was driven fast enough, as in 1900 fps in 9mm,2100 fps in .45. However, making such a bullet on a lathe sucks. So I remembered Ayoob's article about using pewter to cast .45 swc bullets.

Pewter contains zinc, which is a HUGE, dangerous PITA to work with. I happened to notice "non-lead" solder one day while I was in the plumbing supply place in Chicago. So all that was needed was the lightest wt bullet mold for each caliber,and a small lathe, and the fixtures for holding the bullets, and alittle mandrel mounted "saw' for the Dremel. The latter makes for inaccurate bullets, as compared to slitting the noses on the horizonal milling machine.

However, it suffices to make bullets that you can hit feral dogs with, and notice the massive amounts of shock and tissue destruction that come along with 2200 fps and a 3 segmented prefrag.I hadn't thought about the penetration available with the hollowbased, wadcutter-shaped,nose heavy rear- segment of this prefrag, until I saw it go thru a big **** lengthwise. :)
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