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top hand can do 12 head shots, el Pres

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course of fire, ccw, with a .22, in 10 seconds. I've done so in 11 seconds, open wear, with a Ruger .22, with the butt mounted mag catch. :) That mag catch slows the reload a good 2 seconds, if not more. Concealment only slows down an El Pres 1 full second, at most.

El pres is 10 yds, 3 torsos, 3 full yds apart, edge to edge. 180 degree pivot, hands at surrender. react, turn, draw, double tap each of 3 targets, reload, doublt tap each again. If you think it's easy to do so, all hits in the 10" A zone, in 9 seonds, with a lw, compact carry gun, a real load, ccw, TRY it. :) If you "think" staying on the 6" square of the head aint a lot tougher, even with "just" a .22, TRY it. :)

Better yet, just try a draw and 6 hits, in the A zone, at 10 ft, ccw and a real load, on an electronic timer, in 2.5 seconds. Getting all 6 .22's on the head, in that time, including a ccw draw and reaction time, on the electronic timer, is no great feat, for a good hand. He simply gets the first head hit in 1.25 seconds, and that leaves him 1.25 second for 5 more. .25 second splits, for the repeat hits, is not that tough to do, all on the head, with a good .22. Not at a range of 10 ft, at least, and 70% of all attacks are at 6 ft or less.

The ability to hit the head goes up a lot, at such close ranges. Head hits, even with a mere .22, are pretty damned likely to stagger you for a second, during which you can be hit in the head MANY more times, EACH of which staggers you some more. ONE of them is QUITE likely to strike your ear hole, base of skull, THIN temple bones, eye socket, sinus cavities, and thus, let the .22 ENTER the cranial cavity. Once it's in there, it tends to BOUNCE AROUNDa few times, because it lacks the power to EXIT the skull. That means it SCRAMBLES your brain. A 1 second barrage of .22's, at 6 ft or so, can drop you like a rock.
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if u CAN'T hit the 4" brain circle, 4 ft from

the muzzle, you ALSO can't hit the 10" cicle of the chest, at 10 ft from the muzzle. Geometry suffices to PROVE that, and the .22 IS a lot more controlable than any decently powerful centerfire. :)
the muzzle of your pistol is 3 ft closer

to the attacker's chest than your chest is. A man who's 7 ft from you is 4 ft from the muzzle. A man who's 13 ft from you, is 10 ft from the muzzle. Now, you are all SURE that you "can't miss" the chest at 4 yds, so why are you scared that you can't hit the brain at 6 ft, hmm. :)
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