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Remember, you can find fine, but inexpensive, used books at Amazon, Alibris and Bookfinder.

These are some excellent books for those who are considering the snubnose revolver for CCW:

1) The Snubby Revolver by Ed Lovette

my review: The best book on the subject that I have ever read!

about the author: former CIA, SF and LEO

where can I find it:,

2) Handgunner's Guide by Chic Gaylord

my review: This man knew his subject. Not many people have heard of him, but he was a pro among pro's. This book contains several "long lost" tips.

about the author: Chic proved that fat, bald guys can date beautiful movie stars.

where can I find it:,

3) Too Close For Comfort by Julio Santiago and Darrell Mulroy

my review: This is a book about close quarter defensive shooting.

about the author: LEO's with lots of common sense. They address realistic circumstances.

where can I find it: Sentel Publications, P.O. box 551, Hastings, MN 55033
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