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tried all kinds of expansion chamber

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shapes and materials, same with baffles, found nothing that was more effective than stacks of compressed screenwire "doughnuts. With high v rifles, particularly with hot loads in short barreled 223's, it was necessary to intersperse metal washers in between the screenwire "donut" baffles. If this isn't done, the heat and blast effectis will unravel the spindled,formed into shape screenwire. The subsequent shots, striking the screenwire, will unravel the wire more, and eventually, the bullets will be tumbling inside of the can, destroying all of the baffles, usually within 5-6 shots.

In order to make the can maximally effective, a "sleeve" tube has to be mounted around themain baffle tube. If you drill holes radially, into the rear 5" of the inner tube, then you vent the gases into the area between the tubes (sealed at each end by a welded in place "washer". This area in between the tubes is optimally about 1/8" of space.

The blast,right at the muzzle,is quite capable of driving-forward, 1" or more, in a few shots, the tulip shaped expansion device used by many suppressor designs, as well as the "spool" of the Sionics designs. The hammer blow of the gases would compress the rest of the (screenwire) baffles that much. This would of course then allow the expansion chamber to get misaligned with the bore, and cause bullet strikes, ruining the rest of the baffle stack.

You can spend scores of hours machining "k" style baffles,or you can spend 3 hours machining washers and forming screeenwire baflles, take your pick. Pay a machine shop to make your washers, 1 hour, $50, and they will never knowwhat you use them for. Have another shop turn out the baffle forming kit, and they won't know,either. That will keep them from stealing your as yet unpatented new "toy", right? :)
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