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TRUTH about Cirillo's first fight, ONLY one

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in which he shot 3 guys. The LAST guy, Jim shot in the back, as he tried to FLEE. The last 2 guys fled, so Jim did NOT stop them,altho he did wound them, and they WERE captured at a nearby hospital. The first (head shot) guy, Jim surprised when he stood up from behind cover, (wearing an armored vest) and had his gun ON the dude before the guy knew what was up. Jim DID hit him in head, it WAS about about 50 ft. However, the rest of the tale is NOT what it is often represented as being(ie, fastdouble taps,or ALL head shots). Yes, the 3 guys DID fire at Jim, yes he DID shoot well, and yes, it probably WAS just a matter of 'seconds". However, given the well-documented loss of a sense of time (in combat) it could as easily have been 6 seconds as 4 seconds, and for sure, Jim NEVER tried such a thing again. :) That speaks VOLUMES,ya know. Thereafter, he made sure to get MUCH closer,(in his stakeouts of oft-robbed liquor stores, Harlem,late 1960's)and to normally use a longarm of some sort.
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No, the story came from Jim, himself, at the Columbia Conference, it's written in his book, and Hack has spoken at length with Bill Allard. If you could READ, punk, you'd see I never made ANY claims about being "friends" with Jim. We got along fine the few times I spoke with him, that's all. If you want to embarrass your stupid ass by claiming Jim's 6"1" tall, go ahead. :)
yeah, he said he'd noticed that the perps were in "blue", and the proprietor of the store was "gray" (or vice versa, I forget) He said he was concentrating so hard on his front sight that he later remembered having seen the serrations on it. Did he tell YOU about throwing the black out of the window of the high rise? :) Two of them were firing at fire fighters, Jim and his partner kicked in their door, they dropped the surplus rifles out of the window, and started laughing at the cops. Jim and his partner tossed one of them out of the window, shot the other one "trying to escape". :)
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