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truth hurts, eh Clint?

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That's what sets off all the wannabe "punjabs" at these gun sites. I come in, show them up as being little more than high school kid level of ability-knowledge, and they let their little egos get ALL bent out of shape. :)
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I've known Clint through postings on my other sites for a long time, and you are definitely all wet on your assessment. You, sir, are just looking for people to fight with.

You may or may not know what you are talking about, but most people really aren't going to give a damn either way. People will reject what you say out of hand just because of the way you say it.

Is that so tough to figure out? Quite frankly, REAL experts don't need to talk that way.
Rich, I think we should consider ourselves professionals and let the chest pounders call themselves "ex-spurts"
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