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tuning single actions

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Hey Folks
Just found this site and have been enjoying it
I haveboth aRuger Old Army and a cloned 51 navy and wish to "tune-em up" need good info so i dont bubba em up too bad thanks in advance
yeah i gatta lot o time on my hands!
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hello,i believe that an old army has the same internals as a blackhawk.i've had very good luck just polishing the sliding surfaces real metal removal just polishing with a dremel tool & a very fine polishing rouge.this smoothed up the trigger so much that it feels like the trigger is on bearings.if the trigger pull weight is objectionable you can always put different springs in it.a good source for all gunsmithing tools/parts is BROWNELLS.their catalog is like a big kids wish book!can't help w/the clone,sorry.
good luck & have fun!
Yes did a polishing job on the clone helped a lot very hard mainspring tho so was looking for a manual to do more and better ty for response
suggest u get 1-2 spares from the

factory, set aside your (proven good) mainspring, do your polishing, etc, on the "spare". Narrow it a bit, from the side, with a Dremel handheld grinder. Such can be had for $20, at the pawn shop, you know. Springs are too hard to file. That's for the old style, "leaf" mainspring. for coil springs, Wolf makes weaker ones, which sometimes cause misfires, but what the hell, cap and ball is just for laughs, so why worry about misfires? But then again, since it's just for giggles,why bother to "tune" such guns, hmm?
yes but i giggle best a one hole groups,plus i take the cap and ball seriously,The Ruger is capable of all i require from a revolver,
robert occupied grorgia
u can get one hole groups with airpistol

too. Neither one amounts to anything.
Unregistered said:
too. Neither one amounts to anything.
Bow down and worship -- MELVIN the MAGNIFICENT has spoken!

Who do you think you're fooling MELVIN?

Don't laugh about the cap 'n ball revolver. They have killed many a man. Slow to reload, sure. Accurate and deadly, absolutely. Great fun - you know it.

My cap 'n balls consist of a Ruger Old Army and a cut down Italian made Navy 36 that Dad bought when he was 16 years old. Makes me appreciate how easy we have it today with our one piece cartridges and separate magazines.

In dire circumstances the cap 'n ball revolver is still viable today - even if just to get a better gun.

My first pistol I bought legally was a CVA 1858 remington, and I still have it. I do not use it as a CCW, but will carry it when I am on the tractor bush-hogging. It has one thing none of my other pistols have, real style, and elagance. No it is no a 11.5 CAR-15
and no it doesn't take a .22 conversion unic, but I am sure that it will work everytime I squeeze the trigger, and get the job done. Besides its just plain damn fun to shoot, escpescially with a 40gr charge under a round ball. it will take anything I need to shoot, and doesn't cost much to feed.
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