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a .38 snub, in your pocket. I literally once went into a police station, to report a .38 snub stolen, when I had that .38 in my front pants pocket, and the serial numbers were drilled-out-welded-over. :) A real gunman, however, never forgets that gun if he perceives danger. A certain husband once appeared when I knocked on a door, when I thought he'd gone to work. I'd seen him go meet his car-pool guys, so I started walking down thru the (wooded) creekbed. He'd told them to go on without him, tho..

Anyway, I'd been experimenting, for a few days, with .38 snub in RIGHT front pocket, instead of the usual left front pocket. I was born left handed, taught right hand to use the autoloaders, because no ambi-safeties existed at that time. Anyway, when he answered the door, my right hand was in that front pants pocket and had a firing grip on that gun before I even realized what I'd done. :) Just the "startle' reflex was enough to make my hand go where it had almost NO practice going, and the hand did NOT go to where it had many, many thousands of practice runs going, (ie,the waistband).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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