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u can STEP on a man, using a depression

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in the earth to lie in, field made ghillie suit to hide under. With poncho and hammock,making such a suit (good enough to SUFFICE) out of local vegetation only takes a couple of hours) He can open up on you,lethally, at 100m, with his subsonic .22 auto rifle, scope and silencer,and you can scan the woods, 2 seconds at a time, til you turn BLUE, and never detect him. Leave your head exposed for more than 2 seconds at a time, LIKELY get a .22 in it. :) He KNOWS where YOU bozos went-to ground, you have no CLUE which DIRECTION he fired- from. You have already been stupid enough to pursue him in daylight, now 3-4 of your buddies are shot up,and you STILL have no better chance of EVER catching him. Yeah, sure, you're going to KEEP on tracking him.
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More likey he would leave a trail at night clawling. In the morning some of the workers will see his scrapes he left crawling. Wouldn't be hard then for the workers to get a fix on him. Then all they have to do is decide what method they want to use to get rid of the pest.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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