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u dont lug ard the station wagon, u DO have

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to lug around the monster revolver (or it's of no value whatsoever). If u use a vehicle, u could have had an SKs, and FAR more effectiveness than the revolver offers, for 10% as much money.
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I can carry the revolver on my hip but not the SKS.

Lucky revolver.

Seriously, he's just scared of the revolver, it's another action type he never was and never will be good with, and he's afraid of it, so he has to run it down.

As an aside, those old battlecruiser stationwagons (like the Roadmaster, Parisienne, etc.) have one hell of a lot more capability than his much vaunted minivan (the one his wife drives him to the playground with).
Don't be a cry-baby JD, powerful revolvers are fun for hunting and field shooting, but I can understand, why a guy that finds AR "blast and recoil" disturbing, would't want to shoot a heavy caliber hunting revolver.

I think gunkid's revolver would be a .32 Smith&Wesson top break. That's about his speed.
wtf ever said 223 blast and recoil disturbing? If u say I said such a thing, u r an effing LIAR. 223 doesn't HAVE recoil, it just has a bit of muzzle jump ,and even THAT is gone when you use a good suppressor on it.

You "think" everyone is as stupid as you are, WANTS to waste $1500 on a 3 lb clunk, lug it around for nothing, etc, because they are as lame and impotent as you are, that's all.
Listen up good, you dumb c0cksucker, you have said such many times. A long litany of post decribing how good field shooting can't be done without a suppressor and you certainly did use the terms "recoil & blast". You post so much stupid [email protected] trying to make your lame points, stretching common sence to the limit, you shouldn't be suprised when some it comes back to bite you on the @ss.

Also, my revolver didn't cost $1500, it cost $425 used, $100 for good sights, $11 for a spring kit and about four or five hours putzing with it. Why would you care how folks spend thier money ?, it's none of your business. Hell, if i wanted to spend $1500 on a revolver I sure wouldn't hesitate, nor would I give a [email protected] what some know nothing self proclaimed expurt thought about it.


The words come from a lame weakling who couldn't find his way out of a closet. Jealousy.

Gunkid has aways talked about how you will flinch if you don't have ear protection. How the blast and noise will make you jirk the trigger. He has posted that here many times.

Yet many a well known expert has talked about audiotory exclusion (yes, stup*kid, that's not hearing anyting cuase you ears shut down) and lack of even knowing what is going on around you.

We all know his stuff is bs as we have all hunted and shot game and not remembered hearing a shot or feeling the recoil of the gun.

And gunkid, the 11 inch CAR is a pos losers gun.
How can someone bitch about someone else carrying a horse pistol when he advocates carrying a .460 custom wildcat that's loaded beyond spec?

Big revolvers are not good for most people because they cannot use them well.

However, those that can use them well find that those guns are great for killing things, like 5ft - 6ft tall, hostile, featherless bipeds.
223 fan said:
...waste $1500 on a 3 lb clunk, lug it around for nothing...
I lug it around because it will destroy anything that needs destroying in my area, is more powerful than my CAR out to 75-100 yards (which we all agree is where defensive power is most important), it's less than half the weight of the CAR, and I don't have to "actively" carry it through the woods all day; it just rides in the holster all by itself, not banging around on a sling or occupying my hands the way a rifle does.

I didn't pay anywhere near $1500; paid $400-$425, iirc. New in box. That said, what would it have hurt if I had paid $1500 of my money for something that gives my pleasure...? I once paid $1400 for a watch; does that upset you? Don't know why it would; it doesn't take anything away from anybody else if I spend my money how I see fit.
to lug around the monster revolver (or it's of no value whatsoever). If u use a vehicle, u could have had an SKs, and FAR more effectiveness than the revolver offers, for 10% as much money.
what's funny, is I will often carry a Smith 25-5 in .45 (long) colt on my hip while bow hunting. It is not a burden at all, not even in the backcountry where you have to carry all your gear. Sounds like you have a problem carrying much of anything. Maybe you should hit the gym?
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