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Listen up good, you dumb c0cksucker, you have said such many times. A long litany of post decribing how good field shooting can't be done without a suppressor and you certainly did use the terms "recoil & blast". You post so much stupid [email protected] trying to make your lame points, stretching common sence to the limit, you shouldn't be suprised when some it comes back to bite you on the @ss.

Also, my revolver didn't cost $1500, it cost $425 used, $100 for good sights, $11 for a spring kit and about four or five hours putzing with it. Why would you care how folks spend thier money ?, it's none of your business. Hell, if i wanted to spend $1500 on a revolver I sure wouldn't hesitate, nor would I give a [email protected] what some know nothing self proclaimed expurt thought about it.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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