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223 fan said:
the morons. Without my responses, they lack the mental disipline to do much posting. Notice how they NEVER start a gun-topic-thread? that's because they don't KNOW enough to do so, and are scared SPITLESS of having me tear them apart over their REVEALED ignorance-stupidity. Notice that I only do such things to the jerkoffs, not a genuine newbie (unless it's some jerk who insults everyone's intelligence, like J. David.
Yes MELVIN, we're scared spitless all right.

When have you ever posted substantive information?

And, MELVIN, Rich needs moderators, just to contain your corrupted posting. You are the one with the slurs and epithets.

You don't like structure in your life MELVIN, and moderators provide structure, just like prison provides structure. You will have structure whether you llike it or not MELVIN. TRUST me!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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