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u ever EAT state prison food, for months

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on end, you ignorant lame?
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No, and I don't plan on it either. Some of us have a bit more discretion than that.

But I know people that have and some of them have stayed in pretty good shape. Arizona works many of it's prisoners in the hot sun so they do tend to burn off the fat.

They said the food is crap (boxes coming out of the cafeteria marked 'Defatted animal tissue - not for human consumption') but they just work hard at staying in shape. I think you can also buy supplements, at least you could at one time.
nope I'm not stupid enough to break the law and end up in jail.Unlike you I can legally accomplish everything I want to do.Your the fool who keeps ending up in prison, even an old dog learns new tricks but your just too stupid to learn from your past.
I beleive the ignorant lame is the one that had no choice but to eat prison food.

The rest of us have not been stupid enough to put ourselves in that situation...

Some people have a hard time weighing the 'risks vs gain' equation. The desire to 'cheat' and make an 'easy score' also overrides common sense. Some people do make a lot of money at that, but they did it by playing Vegas odds where the house wins 300:1.
One would think that faced with the choice of prison food again or the good life he has now, he would choose the straight way and quit flirting with the chance of going back to jail. Guess he is too stupid to learn.

Rika, it's like in Vegas, some people loose their shirt but still think they can beat the house and make an easy fortune with just one more roll. It's one of the more dysfunctional sides to human nature.
I have a LOT to learn about human nature.

C-rats and MREs were bad enough. . .
Ummm...... Nope

u ever EAT state prison food, for months on end, you ignorant lame?
But, I have to believe I've paid for some of it. What is it with you that makes you go from state welfare to domestic house husband welfare , when you going to buck up and carry your own wieght? Good Grief.

I must take exception the the poster child for incompetence this time, as I have been served food that is unsatisfactory for prisoners while in the field when I served in the Army. IIRC the living space for a convicted felon is mandated to be larger than the living space provided for a Cpl. in the US Army, and the MRE's that we lived on the the field aren't legal to serve to prisoner's. WHY, and I say again WHY do we care if someone in a state prison does or does not like the food served. I like the feeding system I heard about in Newfoundland. The CDF(Cananadian Defense Force) prison IIRC bakes all of the ingredents on the menu in a cake and cuts off a slice, there is no salt, pepper or other seasonings used, and no condiments available. either you eat it or not, no loss
Half Elf, that sounds like a good prison menu to me.

Service Detention Barracks for the Canadian Forces are in Edmonton Alberta, even the guards don't want to go back!
Let Me clarify, I was stationed in Newfoundland, and heard about the Military Prison Camp from the Canuck's I was statioed with. I wasa not a guest, nor a host at this location. I liked the idea, and I heard that they sit in little cubicles like they use at the DMV during a drivers liscense test, so as to discorage conversation, and the give You a #10 coffe can for a latrine in your cell. You must also keep the can polished or lose it. No can, no pottie breaks, can not clean, no food.
If you "choose", they actually have bread and water as an option still.
Maybe C-rats and MREs weren't that bad after all. . .
what kind of slop do they serve in prison?
I was a soldier for a long time;I also DID have occasion to subsist on the prison system food for a few months.I was falsely accused ,and spent several months in the Worcester County House of Correction in West Bolyston ,Ma. before my dangerousness hearing and criminal trial found me not guilty on all charges.And the food inside varied.J blocl in that system was the standard tier system(gang country);galdiator school for the over 18 set and long time recidivists.THAT food was not bad.A Block(Medical and Adminstrative Seg),that was [email protected]#$!ing disgusting. :puke02:
I will concur with (gasp)GK on one matter;you don't have to actually break any laws these days before the system will try to break you;all it takes is something toi get the "process"started...even when they (Da,ADA etc) realize they have an untruthful plaintiff,they never want to drop prosecution once it starts;more often than not9like in my case) the original ADA will dump the case on some brand new prosecutor so as not to compromise their "batting average"(gotta keep an eye to the future jobs/offices) :headbang: God ,I still want to renew a few old aquaiantances when I think about it.....
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u TRY running marathons, in any decent time at all, based on ANY prison food. I never SAID anything about LIKING it, dumbass. What I said was Rostov is fos CLAIMING Horning was in "marathoner' physical condition. Even if had HAD been, at his escape, 50+ days of CONSTANT e and e is a BAD degradation factor on ANYBODY'S physical condition, dumbasses.
Also, dumbasses, the 'mandated" prison "space" is ROUTINELY ignored. Most Fed inmates live in cells that are 6 ft x12 ft, and that houses TWO men,and ALL of their "personal effects" or they live in "bays" that are 20 ft by 40 ft, and house 30 men, in double bunks, no privacy at ALL.
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