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u get ALL "dopey", let mepunch u ONCE, in

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solar plexus, SEE how much fighting you can still do. :) Whether or not you 'feel' the pain, you WILL be stopped. So much for the ignorant clowns who CLAIM that there's no such thing as physical shock in humans. :) u wont do jack crap after taking such a punch. So what we NEED to look at, in R and D of defensive handgun ammo, is how to maximize the shock effect.

The .460 Split Nose does this, just like a 223 sp does. However, I willingly give up the better range, 33% more power, etcof the 460 belt gun, for the speed into action, discreteness, etc, possible with the pocket carried 356 Star. I'd MUCH rather have the .40 second less, RELIABLE timeframe of the hand in pocket dra)(as vs the ccw belt draw) 600 ft lbs, 2200 fps, 3 wound channels, 6 hits per second, that is plenty for realistic expectations of what a pistol CAN do. Body armor is worth a LOT more than is the extra ability with the belt pistol. So are a couple of handgrenades. Realistically, if such a powerful, controlable pocket pistol aint enough, neither is the belt pistol, better have the auto rifle, the armor, and the grenades.
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More silly blather to justify the the 460 snot nose. If they're so good, why doesn't your 'friend' have a website and sell them?


he will, real soon now.:) I"ve already got over 20 requests for 20 each, at $2 each. :) That righ there pays for the cost of the little used lathe, the casting gear, etc.
that's without any ADVERTISING. The cost to make them is about 20c material. With a proper turret lathe setup, can turn out about 30 per hour. :) How you THINK Mag Safe, CorBon, many other ammo companies got started? One guy,working in garage or basement, that's how.
First of all, the punch to the solar plexus isn't a matter of "shock" your pathetic punches have little energy conpared to a projectile weapon. What it is, is a direct impact on a nerve center. "Shock" would be a punch to the gut paralysing the solar plexus. Doesn't happen.

Of course, now that you've moved up to needing hand grenades for self defense. . .

And then there's the infamous website that was absolutely, positively going to be up at the first of the year. Of course, it's still "coming real soon". . .
Derogatory comments deleted.

if u need more than a good pocket pistol, grenades AINT out of line. My punches have about 200 ft lbs of energy. The EFFECTis what matters, not what weapon delivered the blow. If the punch can stop a man, so can a bullet, by means of the SAME anatomical mechanisms. Nearly anyone, I can drop with a punch to gut, or a 356 tsw to gut, too. I've been doing level 9 of the "legendary abs' program since 1987. I can take a bare fisted punch(to the abs)from nearly anybody, but such toning of the abs is VERY rare. The 356 split nose, however, goes thru ab muscles like so much butter, and the shock effect comes from INSIDE the body. There is no possibility of "tensing' any muscles to prevent it.
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