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u mean u HOPE u won't need special gear,

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cause you are too cheap and lazy to GET same, just like u r too cheap and lazy to build the necessary skill levels.
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Not "depending" on it doesn't mean you don't have it. It just means you understand that the gear is only a small part of the big picture.

In your case JD you try and make up for the huge gaps in your experience and knowledge with cobbled up "super weapons", not hardly your fault though, with little and no outdoor experience, how would you know any better?

No, you don't need "special gear", you need dependable gear.

The CAR is a good gun, but the short barrel versions are notorious for double feeds (failure to fully extract the fired case prior to stripping the fresh cartridge). If your 11" barrel CAR doesn't double feed, then you likely haven't shot it much. When, not if, your 11" CAR stops working, you had better be able to rapidly transition to another gun.

Ironically, 16" CARs can be exceptionally reliable. Why? Because they have a longer dwell time. Don't think that a pigtail will solve the problem. Pigtails have their own issues, such as sagging when hot.

The reality of SHTF and other bad situations is that you will already have your hands full without you weapon screwing up. SHTF weapons should evoke words like dependable, durable and reliable.
Your to cheap, lazy & inept to even pack your ruck. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!
A while back Garand ,I asked JD what kind of ruck he had and it "had been so long since he saw it" he couldn't remember what brand it was LOL. Yep thats a hardcore backpack survivalist all right. One of the most important aspects of his feeble prepareness and he doesn't have a clue what he owns.

Made me think he doesn't really own anything, which is probually why he doesn't get any field time.

I bet his 1/2 'field trips' are to the park. You know, since we now know he has never chrono'ed his 11 CAR, we know it's because he never had one! Same with his back backing. And of course, his tae-kwon-do bs is so laughable.

Ok he really is a fake. Not even a well informed fake.
That figures, I've posted my basic kit at least twice and he doesn't even acknowledge it. He's scared to I guess. Typical wannabe !!!
Too much James Bond and too little reality. He makes a good gofer though.

Garand said:
That figures, I've posted my basic kit at least twice and he doesn't even acknowledge it. He's scared to I guess. Typical wannabe !!!

He might not know what half the sh!t is in your ruck, so he doesn't know what to make fun of??
The IS Army and the Matine Cprps tested 10, 11 amd 12 onnch barrel versions of the M16 years ago and rejected them as unfit for military use as either rifles or as replacments for the M3A1 subm acnine gun.. The primaty reasons for rejectionwere poor reliability, poor acciracy and poor ballistic prtformance.
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